Who is This Guy?

Hello! I’m Austin, and I learned the majority of my cooking from my grandma, who went by taste and look rather than measuring. This is one of the more prominent aspects of my cooking, either making up a recipe based solely on a picture or taking a basic recipe and adding my own twist to it. I’ve been cooking as long as I could reach the counter to help my grandma, and have had a life-long passion for food. Almost all of my family recipes are country-style home cooking, either great for comfort food or a BBQ. After living away from home though, my cooking slowly shifted to the lighter fare, featuring more vegetables and less red meat. This transition has led to a wide variety of dishes hiding away in my head, and what better way to share them than a food blog? So together, we will discover what all I’ve got tucked away! I might also be sharing any food I find out and about, so not just my recipes! Each new dish is an adventure, and why not share them all?