Dagwood Bumstead Sandwich

Preparation Time: 10 Min

Serves: 1

Difficulty: Easy

Main Ingredients:

3 lg Onions

1 Head lettuce

4 Tomatoes, sliced

1 Lobster tail

1 Eagle talon

1 Fish (pref.2-days old)

1 Pot spaghetti Cold and gooey

1 lb Bacon (cooked?)

1 Meatloaf

1 Ham

1 Fried egg (over easy)

1 String of sausages

1 ga Mayonnaise

1 Jar of pickle relish

1 Tin of sardine in oil

1 Bottle of ketchup

1 Bottle Sweet mustard

1 Hot mustard

1 Loaf Bread

Assorted cheese

Assorted vegetables

Assorted olives

Cooking Preparation of the Recipe:

Arrange the ingredients between two slices of bread. Serves one.

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